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Ode to Turkey

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with an ode to our favorite, ill-fated feathered friend? (That is, unless you’re a fan of Tofurkey). Sit back, relax, and enjoy “Ode to Turkey,” written by the 7-10-year-old class at Family Days this past Saturday, under the “turkelage” of their instructor, Kimi Eisele.

Ode to Turkey

Steaming to the top of the oven
it heats, waiting

Some sit at the table
Some peer in the oven
Some fix the salad or
mush the mashed potatoes
Some slice bread
Some butter the sweet potatoes

Meanwhile the smell of the turkey
flows and flies through the house.
Even dad watching football wiggles his nose.
The dogs salivate.

Out comes the bird, golden and shiny
The skin crispy as can be
The juices bubbling from inside

Moist, soft stuffing tumbles on to the tray.
It hovers to the table
The dogs whining and scratching
The guests lick their lips
and come sit to watch the carving.

The knife slides into skin, a song of lip smacking
The flesh falls golden
The salad is tossed
The break warms the plate
The pumpkin pie goes into the oven,
flat and crusty

Cranberry sauce at the corners of mouths,
Like sweet blood dripping

Dad forks the turkey and
tastes it
His eyes widen
his mouth chews,

Photo Credit: Cybele Knowles

Created on: 
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
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