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Guest Blogger: Eleanor Allen-Henderson

Today, we're featuring the writing of our guest blogger, Eleanor Allen-Henderson. Eleanor was a volunteer this past summer at the Poetry Center's annual Creative Writing Camp. She has graciously agreed to share her writing with us. Below is one of her stories. 

Ice Cream Dreams

This bite is about dreams

Reba Trimbolli knew from a young age that she was an ice cream girl. She lived in Tucson all her life and the many years she had suffered under the scorching heat has given her true appreciation for the cold treat. In fact, to this day, she remembers the moment she fell in love. The pavement was hot and the sunset maintained a look that was both beautiful and passive aggressive, threatening the smoldering descent of sun and expansiveness of sky. She had gotten a cone from a little shack, and the operator turned to her, said not a word, turned back and returned with what appeared to be some kind of chocolate. He explained it was a homemade creation of chocolate, three types of nuts, and the slightest hint of cherry. As she bit into the cold, she was overcome with the joy of chocolate. And that was it. Love.

Eleanor Allen-Henderson is fourteen years old and a sophomore at University High School. She hopes to share her passion for good literature and beautiful moments. She likes hiking, summer nights, and Latin conjugations. She dislikes oppression. She's been honored with a Young Authors award in 2005 for a short story. With this honor, she attended the Young Authors Conference at the Jewish Community Center and met the guest poet Gary Soto

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Thursday, December 13, 2012
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