Guest Blogger: Zaza Karaim

Zaza KaraimZaza Karaim is thirteen years old and is an eighth grader at St. Michael's Parish Day School. She loves writing poetry and playing guitar. Zaza volunteered this past summer at the Poetry Center's annual Creative Writing camp. Below are a selection of her poems that she has graciously shared with Wordplay.

The Book

                —a poem from Lady Gaga’s point of view

It’s a book.
But it could be a hat.
Or a shoe.
Or an earring.

Perhaps I could have it surgically attached to my knee
Or I could weave the pages together
And make it into a mitten.
Or I could sing a song about it
Or have it tattooed on my shoulder!

Maybe, just maybe,
I could read it.

Sometimes on a Swing

Sometimes, on a swing,
The wind strips my ears
And I rise—
To find myself among the stars
And so, in those situations,
I pluck one from the sky—
And hold it in my hand,
Where it steams in my palm,
Like a baseball just caught

Sometimes, on a swing,
The height of the stars is momentary,
And I fall—
The ground approaches quickly,
And the star in my hand melts away,
The righteousness peels off,
And the butterfly is once again a caterpillar

But on the grass I have my friends—
And my smile is something irreplaceable
That never seems to come along
When I rise

And so I like it on the ground.

Sometimes, on a swing,
I can just sit there,
And the stars and the pleasure
Meet me on the grass.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012
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