Summer Camp Writing

Photo Credit: Cybele KnowlesBelow is a collection of writing from this past summer at the Poetry Center's Creative Writing Camp. Enjoy!


A Super Hero
A super hero steps out into the world. A gift from the heavens to protect the land from uninvited foes. A burglar runs. Black mask and soul. A large sack trails behind. They fight and the sack pops open and a child runs out. The burglar remains behind bars.

Thoughts and Dreams
Thoughts and dreams fill my head.
All the words that have been said.
My life seems like a fantasy
without you there would be no me
I wonder each day what I would do
If I did not have you.

I was wandering
I was wandering helplessly through the desert. I was blind and using my sense of touch to find my way. Suddenly a paper bag blows towards me and I stick my hand inside. When I feel a heavy-ish metal typed object that has a handle that turns. I wonder what it could possibly be and how it got this far out in the desert. I focus on the object and describe it to myself as a smooth, cold, object that is curved at the end almost as if that was a handle. All the way to the other end there was another part that was similar, only not as curved, and you could twist it and crank it. What a mysterious object. I marveled at it once more before it blew off, and I continued on my journey.


On this Blue Planet
On this blue planet there’s a castle. But inside of the castle there was a queen and a king who had a servant named Herman. He was a crab. One day, the castle was attacked by a ruler named Bob the Alien, and only one person had a chance to save the day…Astronaut Joey. So he had to go to Mars to fight Bob. All of the sudden, Bob died from old age and saved their planet once and for all. The end.

The Blade
The blade got mad and bit the paper.
Little Johny put his hand through the hole.


Birds of all Types
Tons and tons of animals live here. But mostly birds, all types of birds. They are looking for a place to live. There are not many growing plants or trees, so they have to eat each other. They all live in a…well, they don’t know where they live. I guess they live in a map, and they are stuck there. So they fly back and forth and back and forth looking for food, so they don’t have to eat each other. They feel kind of angry to live there cause they are very stuck. They will be stuck forever! Every day they have to eat each other, so it sounds very violent. It’s very common to see dead animals everywhere: some from thirst and hunger and some from other birds. The end!

What happened! I was just
in a store and when
I walked out something
really weird happened!
London is now in the
sky we are falling
ahhhhh! Whew! That
was only a dream!

Photo Credit: Cybele Knowles

Created on: 
Thursday, August 30, 2012
Arizona Board of Regents