A Sixth-Grader Speaks: Self-publishing on Lulu

What I needed, one year ago, was an easy way to put get my poems into collection form, an easy way to "publish" my poems. And Lulu was definitely that.

At that time, I was visiting my grandmother in Montana, and was having great fun, and I wanted to get my poems "published" but I really didn't want to waste time that I could be spending otherwise (since I was of course, on vacation). But it turned out to be really enjoyable, and a short process. You fill out your form, attach a document, choose the style you want it to be published in (spiral bound, hard cover, etc.), and then get to the more creative aspects, from choosing your cover to picking out your font styles.

Soon it was over, just like that, a short, sweet, process.

And that was only half the fun.

The next couple of days (once we got home) I excitedly anticipated the day it would arrive. But by the second week, I had totally forgotten about it. When it arrived, I was overjoyed and surprised.

We had ordered a few copies, and I gave one to my best friend, and some to family. And there it was, my creation, my book of poems, and it was there thanks to Lulu.

Zaza Karaim will be ecstatically entering sixth grade at St. Michael's School this year. She fills up the long summer days with art, acting, writing, and playing guitar.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
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