Family Days Poetry: The Shallow End of Sleep

Photo Credit: Cybele KnowlesOur first Family Days of the season is right around the corner. Come to Family Days this Saturday, September 22nd, from 10-1pm at the Poetry Center, for writing activities, multilingual storytime, Book Club, art, dance, yoga, and so much more! In honor of our upcoming Family Days, check out some awesome poetry from past Family Days' students.

What Is Found There

What is found there
the night of stones
outside in
the shallow end of sleep
elephants and angels


Whales Water

Whales water
apache weapon
weird water bottle
exploding bomb
cold volcano
pig's face & snout
seal holding up a ball
big-head princess
rock climbing wall

-- Willa


Blue is the sound of rain.
Ag is the sound of a tired rock.
My favorite sound is zoom
and the ocean's favorite music is rock-n-roll.


The Snow Sounds Like...

The snow sounds like
an electric guitar
the snow looks
like falling diamonds.
Snowfall upon the hills.

-- Kieran


Photo Credit: Cybele Knowles

Created on: 
Thursday, September 20, 2012
Arizona Board of Regents