Poetry Joeys: Heroines

Two heroine stories from Poetry Joys this fall.

Poetry Joeys is a Saturday morning reading and writing activity group for children ages 4-10. Teaching artists inspire participants to develop their flexibility with language through creative movement and reading and writing poetry. Upcoming Poetry Joeys on Nov. 13 and Dec. 4 at 10 a.m.

Photo Credit: Cybele Knowles

by Emberly

I Dr. Savdenarow have a story to tell you, a story that is beyond a story, to be worth telling. Some people that watch cow documentaries know about me but not many. I save cows and buffalo. Some of my favorite cows and buffalo are Gopi and Ayapahsah. Well one day I decided to take a trip to Ghana. I'd heard of a new ibex hunter named Jospeh Demelo. When I arrived I started off to a national park where many ibex were and lured about three packs with my wheat. I traveled back the next day with my ibex for soon I'd be going back.


by Rose

Magie that's me I am not very proud of myself. I live in a garden (the gardener lets me). Some people may call me a hero although the correct word is heroine. I would not call myself a heroine. All my family is dead (typically drowned). There is a no named criminal around I got caught up in this catastrophe. That morning my friend the gardener Fredric (I just call him Fredy) woke me up in my bed (of grass). "Hey Magie, guess what I heard," said Fredy. What I said. "Grumpy criminal, her there." I know I said. I started running . "There she goes," he said laughing. I wanted to turn around and charge him. It took an hour to get from Doolin to Lock. I am kinda fast I heard where he (the criminal) was I started looking for him.

I am Magie a towns girl living in a garden. I get mixed up with stopping a criminal. I even found him and talked him out of being all murdery. After I give him to the police he escapes. I left that alone and had a nice glass of milk.

Photo Credit: Cybele Knowles

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
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