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Introducing Guest Blogger: Zaza Karaim

Zaza KaraimZaza Karaim is thirteen years old and will be entering eighth grade at St. Michael's Parish Day School this coming fall. She loves writing poetry and playing guitar. Zaza volunteered this past summer at the Poetry Center's Creative Writing Camp. Below are a selection of her poems that she has graciously shared with Wordplay. Keep an eye out for more blog posts and poetry from Zaza in the next couple months.

The Ocean

the ocean is calm
but the waves are crouching tigers
waiting to spring and slap the shore

The Alone Girl

The girl
Sits alone in her world
Walks alone through the halls
Of the silent school
Sits in each desk
One by one
Silently remembering
People that have left
The girl

The girl
Opens all the empty lockers
Slams them all shut
One by one

The alone girl
Speaks to the walls
Of the broken down school
Watches as age
Breaks each window
One by one
Leaving shards of glass
By her feet

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
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