In the Sky

Photo credit: Cybele KnowlesDragons and fire and a brighty, shiny floating light. Check out some awesome student writing from Family Days!

Puff Huff the Dragon

Puff Huff the dragon
rode in a wagon
he fell out with doom
and he landed in a room
he saw his friends
all shy and flying
they had a giant in mind to make
Puff Huff said I'm here, I'm here
please see me and have no fear
don't be shy and please stop flying
I'm your giant, you can now stop trying!

-- Daniel

Someone's Hair on Fire

someone's hair on fire
a car blowing up
a baby trash can
blood flowing down a stream
in a lake
and in the sky

-- Myles

A Bright Shiny Floating Light

A bright shiny floating light
out the window in the dark night
staring constantly in sight
I wonder if I'm imaging things or not
is it a ghost
is it an alien
or how about a person
I guess I'll never know.

-- Anthony


Photo credit: Cybele Knowles

Created on: 
Thursday, October 25, 2012
Arizona Board of Regents