Halloween Poems from Family Days

Photo Credit: Cybele KnowlesOur very own Family Days veteran, Danielle Wing, was recently featured on Arizona Public Media's "Arizona Spotlight" with Mark McLemore, reciting some Halloween poems from Family Days! Check out this link for more!

And since today is Halloween, we thought it'd be fitting to share with you some of our favorite Halloween poems on Wordplay. Each of these poems was written at our last Family Days on Saturday, October 13th. Enjoy, all ye ghouls and goblins!

Go Inside a Bat

Fuzzy felt and a flute
Tap music and a cold black
Night and an old oak tree
And Mars as bright
As the sun and a
Black light and a
Jet plane and a high
Pitch sound like a
Scream and a King
of hearts and a
Dust cloud and a key
hole and blue bells
Lightning was the bat's name
Died from a bug bite

--Danielle, 10

My Mask of Vampires

I see oak trees.
I hear trees rustling.
I talk of blood.

--Seamus, Age 6

Five Headed Cutie Pie

Five headed cutie pie
lives under a rock in the desert
He’s always smushed
His orange head eats macaroni and cheese
The blue head eats humans
The red one slurps hot lava
The head with the green hair eats flowers and marshmallows
With his blue hand he picks grass
and makes it into a grinder
He flies to space with one wing
To the planet Applecore, and to Grandma’s house
On Mars and to the planet Shark
where there are too many mouths
And the five heads explode, one at a time
Ploosh. Ploosh. Ploosh. Ploosh, Ploosh!!!

--Collaborative Monster Poem, Poetry Joey's, 4-6 year olds

The Possessed Girl

One day, there was a possessed girl. She got possessed by playing with
the Ouija board. And one day, she was at church, and something terrible happened.
Her chair just started flying around everywhere, until a priest got holy water and blessed her.



Photo Credit: Cybele Knowles

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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