Family Days Fiction: From Jupiter, Well, I'm From MARS

Photo Credit: Cybele KnowlesIn anticipation of our next Family Days on Saturday, October 13th, we'd like to share some collaborative fiction pieces from a previous Family Days. Enjoy!

From Jupiter, Well, I'm From MARS

     "Ouch! Loser," Anne cried as she tripped on my red sandal.

     "Next time, be a litte more careful," I sneered, hiding my guilt.

      "Nice work Jessie," my "bff" Chelsea said, high fiving me. Ever since I'd started trying to fit in, I had to be mean. These people weren't my friends! But it would take a long time for me to realize that those "popular" people were actually just using me.

     I began to spend more time in the attic after supper, not for any particular reason, except perhaps that my subconscious was bored already with socializing with mundane people. One night, my mother didn't come to get me like she usually did. That was the night I found an object hidden in a chest behind some boxes.

     I carefully peeked into the chest. I was expecting something marvelous, something that would change my life. Perhaps some kind of treasure that was hidden thousands of years ago by some famous pirates. But instead, what I found was a piece of pizza.

     "Mmm... pizza," I said aloud. I looked around, made sure no one was watching, picked it up, and ate it! But immediately after I finished, I knew something was wrong.

     I started to grow talons and feathers, my nose stretched out and became a sharp beak. Could it be true? Was I becoming an eagle of hope? It was everyone's dream to be one. I could fly around and drop hope into people's heads. That's where people got the idea about birds.

     At last, I was happy.

Back into the Game

     Lily's red cape whirled around her neck. The wind was cruel and unusually strong tonight.

     I wrapped my cape around myself again, and I shivered. I don't know why I'd done it, but I knew there was no turning back now. I was too close to the end.

     I started into the forest -- it was dark; it frightened me, but I went ahead.

     The dark shadows of the tall trees loomed menacingly overhead. I glanced around for the black rock that was where I was to meet my greatest enemy.

      "We have been waiting for your arrival," Ligo's voice told me. I didn't need to breathe anymore, but old habits die hard. I started panting.

     I creeped forward, unsure if my enemy was about to attack. It was.

The Friend I'd Like to Forget

     The red-nosed clown laughed when he lost his balloons -- up and up and higher they climbed. I wished to be a bird as I watched them, so that I could fly next to them, so that I could find a home in the clouds.

     Of course, that would mean giving up my entire life how it is. I don't know if I could do that. I would never be able to see my brothers and sisters again. But if I left, the monsters might stop coming after my family. I don't know what to do!

     "How in the world can I finish this!" I yelled. "I have no mother, no siblings, and I have to get home! This isn't fair!"

     "Life isn't fair," a voice told me. And I know that was the truth.

     What wasn't the truth was that I had seen a face in the mirror who looked like me. In fact, the face in the mirror didn't look like me at all. It had freckles, and I didn't, short hair when mine was long, and cruel eyes, where mine were sparkly. I didn't trust my eyes, nor the girl.

     I knew my friend had betrayed me. I could no longer trust anyone. The girl I had known since birth, my best and only friend, was a fake. She was a traitor. I didn't know what to do. I think it was time to find a new best friend. I'd miss Alyssa, but I wouldn't miss the horrible things she did to me.

Photo Credit: Cybele Knowles

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Thursday, October 4, 2012
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