What's in the Box: Creative writing in 3-D

Attention Middle School Students! This summer, come to the Poetry Center for a week-long camp that explores creative writing from a different dimension. Three different dimensions, to be exact.

What in the world is creative writing in 3D?
Creative writing in 3D is when your words leave the traditional "page" and mix with the physical objects or world around you.

Why 3D? Simply put, it's more fun. But it also brings words to life in a more interactive way. The words take on more meaning, become deeper symbols. Associations deepen, visual intuition takes over.

We live in a visual culture. There's no reason our writing can't be visual as well.

For an idea of real life 3D creative writing projects, check out Heather Green and Katherine Larson's Ghost Net Project. Or these other WordPlay blog posts: Ann Dernier's Body Mapping, Joni Wallace's Poetry Birds and Tim Dyke's Interacting With Natasha Tretheway's Native Guard. For even more ideas, visit these writers recently published on the Trick House website: Pamela Moore, Susan Sanford, and Emily Harrison.

So what do you get to do in this camp?
In this camp we will take nature walks, scavenger hunts, art projects, campus field trips, and exercise our powers of bringing memory and moments to life by writing in 3D.  You get to create your own treasure box filled with found objects, collages, drawings, postcards, photographs, and more!  At the end of the week, your work will be part of a gallery-type exhibit, and you will have the opportunity to give a reading for your parents and friends!

For more information, visit the Poetry Center's summer camp webpage, http://poetry.arizona.edu/k12/summercamp.

Created on: 
Sunday, April 3, 2011
Arizona Board of Regents