Guest Blogger: Zaza Karaim

Zaza KaraimZaza Karaim is thirteen years old and an eighth grader at St. Michael's Parish Day School. She loves writing poetry and playing guitar. Zaza volunteered this past summer at the Poetry Center's annual Creative Writing camp. Below are a selection of her poems that she has graciously shared with Wordplay.

The Bamboo Tree

The green bamboo leaves
Twirl through the summer air
The stalks stand firmly
Their roots in the ground
Their fingers in the air
The light shines through the branches
And splatters the ground
With bright shapes
The wind blows
And the shapes dance around
On the soft dirt
Never the same.

The Ice Cream Man

 He stands on the corner
Of the large green park
His hands in his pockets
His mind in a whirl

He stands behind
The great ice cream cooler
Giving out cone after cone
Of his signature flavor

He calls it summer
And it’s a wonderful flavor
The best in Tucson, some say

There’s a pinch of strawberries blended in—
Just enough to sense the fresh tang
And there’s a whirl of chocolate
Which melts on your tongue

There’s a flash of lemon
Like lightning during a summer monsoon

And to top it all off,
There’s a sprinkling of nuts
Like smiles on a summer’s day.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
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