A Visit From the Mayor

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild Poetry Center VisitLast week, our beloved Field Trip Intern Timothy Dyke conducted his very last field trip at the Poetry Center, and also hosted a special guest, poet and Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild!   Here are some photos and book-spine poems generated by the students (and teacher) of Miles Learning Center on Tim's last day.

What is Found there
the night of stones
outside in
the shallow end of sleep
Elephants and angels
- Madeleine





Mayor Rothschild Visitmayor the men are colder but the animals
stay sweet.
Everything and everyone
run through the streets to the
mountains, farms, and
backyards. Suddenly everyone stops
and takes their seats as the
sun rises and the sun
melts, everyone looks in "awe"
as winter accepts defeat.





Mayor Rothschild's Visit to Poetry Centerthe desire to meet with the beautiful
poets behind barbed wire
where shall I wander
the door
the past keeps changing
to tell the lamp.
- Sarah Clarkson, teacher






Uncle Dog the last Neanderthal in the money said
Cheap ice cubes are as happy as a dog's tail,
Rita Wong and my mom killed me and work
tomorrow for the best of small princesses
- Anthony

Created on: 
Thursday, May 10, 2012
Arizona Board of Regents