POL #3: Choosing a poem to recite

These are responses from our Poetry Out Loud professional development discussion on how choosing a poem can determine the success of a recitation. Please comment with your own ideas! Other POL discussion threads include subjectivity of judging and what makes a good poetry recitation?

How does the poem chosen reflect or determine the success of the recitation?

  • There seem to be waves of students choosing similar poems each year.
  • But it's really important to let the students choose their own poems; they have so little choice about what they read at school, and this is a chance for them to select something to which they might really connect.
  • It's important to expose kids to a whole range of poems so they know what's out there.  Also, they need to see the difference between poems on a page and spoken poems.
  • Bring creative writing workshops into classroom (residency programs to infuse students with poetry prior to the POL contest).
  • Students can easily pick poems from POL website.  (But it would be nice if POL would organize poems by theme and topic on their website.)
  • For classroom level competitions: a way to get everyone involved is to set the expectation for memorization, but if they can't do it, they still can compete (they just don't score as high).
  • Our middle school students attend the POL recitation competition at our school and they love it!
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Monday, November 15, 2010
Arizona Board of Regents