Classes & Workshops

Through the Classes & Workshops program, the Poetry Center offers continuing education in creative writing and literature: writing workshops, generative writing studios, and literary seminars--in poetry and prose. Noncredit courses are taught by local and visiting writers, including University of Arizona faculty. There is room in our Classes and Workshops program for writers and readers of all levels of experience.

Current Offerings

Explore our current and upcoming offerings here. In-depth descriptions.

Please note: Registration for Summer 2017 classes begins May 29th and remains open until classes are filled. When a class that interests you has filled, you may be added to the waiting list, by sending an email to Becka Ranta:

The season at a glance:

The Art of Genre in Short Fiction, with Ted Mcloof. 6/9-8/17. Learn more. **FULL**

The Poetics of Lived Experience: A Writing Workshop, with Steven Alvarez. 6/12-6/21. Learn more.

When We Dead Awaken: Reading Adrienne Rich, with Jane Miller. 7/10-7/19Learn more

Poetry Lab, with Sarah Kortemeier. 7/15-8/19. Learn more.



Registration for Summer 2017 is now open.

Registration is available online only, at the Poetry Center's Submittable page. If you do not have a credit or debit card, or for another reason cannot pay online, contact Becka Ranta at (520) 626-4285 or If you need assistance in selecting the right course for you, don't hesitate to contact Becka and she will be happy to advise you.

If for any reason you need to cancel your registration, please contact Becka immediately. A full refund will be issued up to 3 business days prior to the first class. After that, a full refund will be issued ONLY if the vacant spot can be filled.

To cancel your registration, contact Becka Ranta at (520) 626-4285 or

Apply for a Scholarship

Our 2016-17 need-based Campau/Inman Scholarship program is newly expanded and improved. Applications for Summer 2017 scholarships will be accepted May 15-May 22. Apply here. Registration will open one week later, on May 29.


And at the end of the fall and spring semesters, Classes & Workshops participants and instructors are invited to read in a public reading. The Spring 2017 Classes & Workshop Reading will be May 11. More information about all our readings can be found at our calendar.

Proposals for Future Courses

Are you interested in offering a writing workshop or seminar in the Classes & Workshops program? We accept proposals from creative writing instructors year-round, and are usually approving and scheduling courses nine months to one year out. We have a number of talented instructors who teach regularly for the Poetry Center, but we are always interested in expanding our offerings. Please write to Hannah Ensor, our Literary Director, at with a description (of one or two substantive paragraphs) of the course you would like to propose, as well as your C.V. or résumé.

Course Archive

Please browse the descriptions of courses we have offered in past seasons. Recent seasons include:

Spring 2017

  • Disorienting the Essay: Finding Form in Personal Nonfiction, with Katherine E. Standefer
  • Ecopoetics & Your Next Poem: A Weekend Workshop, with Brenda Hillman
  • Outsider Literature: Writing from the Urgent Edges, with Robert Snyderman
  • Documentary Storytelling in Prose, with Lisa O’Neill 
  • Writing Resistance and Recovery, with Hoa Nguyen
  • Oracular Writing: Living Images, with Annie Guthrie

Fall 2016

  • Beyond Measure: Experiments in the Music of Poetry, with Samuel Ace
  • Writing Past Pain and Into Possibility, with Camille Dungy
  • The Art of the Chapbook, with Joni Wallace
  • Writing the Wild: A Weekend Intensive, with Pam Uschuk
  • Nonfiction as Reconstruction, with Francisco Cantú

Summer 2016

  • Are We There Yet? Pacing and Payoff in Narrative Verse, with Adrian Matejka
  • The Deepened Image, with Christopher Nelson
  • Screenwriting: The Basics, with Ted McLoof
  • Collaboration Playvacation, with Hannah Ensor

Spring 2016

  • Mode in Poems, with Natasha Sajé
  • Compositional Improvisation as Poetic Practice, with Kimi Eisele and TC Tolbert
  • Radiance: Where Is the Poem Going? with Kimiko Hahn
  • Finding Form: Inventions, Inversions, and Eliminations in Hybrid Construction, with Khadijah Queen
  • Lyric Complexity: A Craft Class, with David Baker
  • Oracular Writing: Transduction, with Annie Guthrie

Fall 2015

  • The Telling Itself: Illness Narratives as Healing and Craft, with Katherine E. Standefer
  • The Art of the Chapbook, with Joni Wallace
  • Moving with the Body of the Text: A Translation Workshop, with Rebecca Seiferle
  • Climate Change & Poetry, with Eric Magrane
  • Intertextual Poetics: Writing Into and Through Texts, with Kristi Maxwell

Summer 2015

  • Parent/Child Writing Summit, with Mason Gates
  • Clarity Demystified: A Poetry Workshop, with Christopher Nelson
  • Cut to the Chase: Creating Plot in Fiction, with Ted McLoof
  • Dislocating the Prose Poem: A Generative Workshop and Survey, with Jamison Crabtree
  • Shaping Text with Letterpress, with Amanda Beekhuizen
  • The Art of Research: Collaging the Personal Essay, with Aisha Sabatini Sloan
  • The Fact of Fiction: Turning Life into Story, with Ted McLoof

Spring 2015

  • The Poem Sequence, with Rebecca Seiferle
  • Animals in Poems: Reading and Writing Poems of Creatures Real and Imagined, with Simmons Buntin
  • Aligning Structure in Ecopoetics, with Sherwin Bitsui
  • Where I'm From: Mapping the Geography and Topography of Our Homelands, with Lisa O'Neill
  • Reclaiming Women's Writing, with Annie Finch
  • Rhythms of the Spirit, with Annie Finch

Fall 2014

  • The Parent-Child Summit, with Mason Gates
  • Oracular Writing: Foraging, with Annie Guthrie
  • Poetry and the Photograph: Ekphrasis and Beyond, with Samuel Ace
  • Finding the Fragment in the Complete Thought, with Thomas Sayers Ellis

Summer 2014

  • Conventions of Short Fiction, with Ted McLoof
  • Imitation: From Faux to Freedom, with Christopher Nelson
  • Choosing a Voice: Making Letterpress Posters, with Amanda Beekhuizen
  • In the Silence a Collective, Maximally: Erasure and its Ghosts, with Farid Matuk
  • Short Poems, with Zachary Schomburg

Spring 2014

  • Line by Line: A Close Reading Workshop, with Sarah Kortemeier
  • The New York School of Poets, with Will Cordeiro
  • The Autobiographical Eye, with Beth Alvarado
  • Bloodstone Quarries of the Spleen, with CAConrad
  • The Interior Journey: Reading and Writing as Spiritual Practice, with Fenton Johnson

Fall 2013

  • Craft of Poetry, with Sarah Kortemeier
  • Ekphrastic Poetry, with Joni Wallace
  • Robert Duncan: Circles of Influence, with Charles Alexander
  • The Craft of Fiction, with Karen Brennan
  • Hybrid Writing: Crossing Prose with Poetry, with Brian Blanchfield

Summer 2013

  • Surrealist Writing, with Matthew Rotando
  • Poetry in Letterpress Print, with Alice Vinson
  • Writing Your Gods and Demons, with Christopher Nelson

Spring 2013

  • Oracular Writing: Mapping, with Annie Guthrie
  • Poetic Prose and the Prose Poem, with Barbara Henning
  • A Weekend of One’s Own, with Pamela Uschuk
  • Poetics of the Body and Disability, with Lisa C. Cole
  • Poetry in Bloom, with Simmons Buntin
  • Writing at Degree Zero, with Norman Fischer
  • Listening to Sound Poetry, with John Melillo        

Fall 2012

  • Correspondences, with Brandon Shimoda
  • Constraint-Based Writing, with Kristi Maxwell                                               
  • Master's Level Poetry Workshop, with Barbara Cully                              
  • Poemfilms and the Moving Image, with Annie Guthrie and Jonathan Van Ballenberghe    
  • Happy Accidents: Improvisation for Writers, with Sarah Kortemeier
  • Mixed Media Artist’s Books: Working, with Text with Beata Wehr               
  • Postmodernism as Poetic, with Michael Rerick