Conceptual Poetry and Its Others

May 29 2008 - May 31 2008

Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith’s "Anthology of Conceptual Poetry," based on the online Ubuweb Anthology of Conceptual Writing, provided the starting place for this symposium.

Conceptual Poetry and Its Others brought together a variety of leading poets, including:

Caroline Bergvall, Charles Bernstein, Christian Bök, Craig Dworkin, Kenneth Goldsmith, Tracie Morris and Cole Swensen.

Critic Marjorie Perloff delivered the keynote address.

Conceptual Poetry and Its Others on voca

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The University of Arizona Poetry Center presents biennial symposia on poetry and interdisciplinary explorations in the arts and humanities. Recent symposia include Native Voices: Indigenous Language and Poetry and Conceptual Poetry and Its Others. Occasional one-day events, such as A Tribute to Gustaf Sobin, are also presented.

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