The Voyage and Other Versions of Poems by Baudelaire
Image from The Voyage and Other Versions of Poems by Baudelaire
"Meditation," from The Voyage and Other Versions of Poems by Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire. The Voyage and Other Versions of Poems by Baudelaire. Trans. Robert Lowell. Ill. Sidney Nolan. New York: Farrar Straus & Giroux, 1968.

Robert Lowell described his versions of poems by Baudelaire and Sidney Nolan's paintings as "absolutely welded together."

Image from Concordance, by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Kiki Smith

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Kiki Smith. Concordance: Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Poetry; Kiki Smith, Art. Berkeley: Kelsey Street Press, 2006.

Kelsey Street Press specializes in publishing collaborations between women poets and artists. Berssenbrugge and Smith have completed multiple projects together with Kelsey Street Press, including Concordance and Endocrinology (1997).

The Parallel Voyages
Image from The Parallel Voyages, by Paul Blackburn

Paul Blackburn. The Parallel Voyages. Ill. Ellen McMahon. Tucson: SUN/gemini Press, 1987.

Tucson's SUN/gemini Press, founded by Clint Colby, published two editions of its poetry books: a fine-press limited edition and a trade edition. The limited edition of Paul Blackburn's The Parallel Voyages, shown here, is illustrated by University of Arizona Professor of Art Ellen McMahon.

Dante's Inferno
Image from Dante's Inferno, translated and illustrated by Tom Phillips

Dante Alighieri. The Inferno. Trans. and ill. Tom Phillips. London: Thames & Hudson, 1985.

Best known for his landmark work A Humument, Tom Phillips here serves as both translator and illustrator of Dante's immortal Inferno.

Image by Nancy Tokar Miller, from Witness
Poem by Kathleen Fraser, from Witness

Kathleen Fraser. Witness. Ill. Nancy Tokar Miller. Tucson: Chax Press, 2007.

In Witness, a fine-press edition of 40 copies from Chax Press, Nancy Tokar Miller's arresting linoleum prints spill over into Kathleen Fraser's post-9/11 language.

Arts & Letters
Image and Poem from The Figures, by Michael Friedman

Michael Friedman. Arts & Letters. Ill. Duncan Hannah. Great Barrington, MA: The Figures, 1996.

Affiliated with both the New York School and Language Poetry movements, Michael Freidman also has a longstanding relationship with Geoffrey Young's small press The Figures.

The John Ashbery Collaboration, 1993–2001
Cover Image of The John Ashbery Collaboration, 1993-2001, by Jane Hammond

Jane Hammond. The John Ashbery Collaboration, 1993–2001. Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, 2001.

In 1993, artist Jane Hammond asked poet John Ashbery to send her a list of titles. She used the titles--including Surrounded by Buddies, Sea of Troubles, and Freezer Burn--as inspiration for a new series of 60 paintings.


Lyn Hejinian and Kit Robinson. Individuals. Tucson: Chax Press, 1988.

A beautiful example of Charles Alexander's book art with Chax Press, Individuals gathers poems by Lyn Hejinian and Kit Robinson in an accordion structure.

A Couple of Ways of Doing Something
Cover Image of A Couple of Ways of Doing Something, by Chuck Close and Bob Holma

Bob Holman. A Couple of Ways of Doing Something. Ill. Chuck Close. New York: Aperture, 2006.

A Couple of Ways of Doing Something pairs Chuck Close's black and white daguerreotypes of artists including Andres Serrano, Laurie Anderson, Kiki Smith, and Cindy Sherman with Bob Holman's praise poems inspired by the images.

Eight Poems
"A Jelly Fish," poem by Marianne Moore and image by Robert Andrew Parker

Marianne Moore. Eight Poems. Ill. Robert Andrew Parker. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1962.

Eight Poems features whimsical hand-colored drawings of basilisks, ostriches, and other creatures by Robert Andrew Parker with poems in Moore's handwriting.

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