Molloy by Samuel Beckett (translated from the original French by Samuel Beckett and Patrick Bowles)

02/21/2013 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Molloy, first published in French in 1951, and in English (the translation was by Beckett himself) in 1955, is the stand-alone first novel in a trilogy widely regarded as Samuel Beckett’s most important nondramatic work and one of the most essential works of twentieth-century literature. It concerns two protagonists, Molloy and Moran, unknown to one another but closely conjoined, both of whom set out on an excursion into the countryside on a mission. Is the mission from God or an agency or some other supervisory author? The Irish author living in Paris invented two characters motivated by curious imperatives, an inevitable course, and a famously remarkable sense of perseverance. It is a darkly comic and often coarse novel, unique and stunning to this day for its accomplishments. Our discussion of Molloy will be led by poet and teacher Brian Blanchfield.

Arizona Board of Regents