Teaching Corrido

A Decade of Young Corridistas

Celebrate 11 years of corrido with our new anthology, A Decade of Young Corridistas. The anthology includes lyrics and music by winning corridos from our annual bilingual corrido contest.

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Read a review of this anthology on WordPlay, the Poetry Center blog!


Lesson Plans

The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Corrido lesson plans developed by the Poetry Center’s high school Poet-in-Residence, Theresa Sotto.

Other Web Resources

Corridos sin Fronteras is a great site that allows you to write lyrics online and perform them to a prepared corrido melody.

Wikipedia on Corrido

Other Books on Corrido

Poetry and violence : The ballad tradition of Mexico's Costa Chica by John H. McDowell. (University of Illinois Press, 2000.)

With His Pistol in His Hand: A border ballad and its hero by Américo Paredes. (University of Texas Press, 1998.)

The Mexican corrido : A feminist analysis by María Herrera-Sobek. (Indiana University Press, 1990.)

310Other Music Compilations of Corrido

The Mexican Revolution Corridos: about the heros and events 1910-1920 and beyond. (1996, Arhoolie Productions, Inc.)

Mexican Corridos (1956, Folkways Records).

Heros and Horses: Corridos from the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2002).

Classic Protest Songs (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2009).

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