The Corrido of Mallate and Solarte

Daena Arvizu
Place Winner: 
2nd Place

Folks, I’m here to tell you
The corrido of the man they call Mallate,
A good man of heart,
And the horse he named Solarte,
Now, folks, listen clearly,
Don’t waste time in the green Valley of Bello Varte.

El Mallate was a fine man
And good with the town’s colorful horses,
He trained them to be track racers
And taught them all the hard courses,
That’s where he met the palomino Solarte,
And the two became inseparable forces.

This all takes place in Bello Cucurpe,
A town neighboring Magdalena,
Birthplace of both Mallate and Solarte,
And that’s where he met María Elena,
It was the month of April, year 1988,
And he fell in love under the full moon.

Now, when you neglect a friend over a woman,
Things could get pretty messy and bad,
“Will you marry me, María Elena?” asked El Mallate,
And Solarte got jealous and sad,
The wedding was to be held in July,
But Solarte ran away from his friend.

El Mallate couldn’t continue without Solarte,
He knew the wrong he had done,
He looked for him until the wedding day,
But in his heart he knew his friend had gone,
Both went their separate ways,
Not ever to see each other again, not one day, none.

Now, folks, wish me farewell.
The corrido of Solarte and Mallate is now over,
Now look over to the distance,
And you’ll see a horse running through the clover,
Running away from the friend who betrayed him,
Now I’ll leave before the sun gets any lower.

Arizona Board of Regents