My Grandpa

Ryan Gonzales
Place Winner: 
2nd Place

This is a corrido of my grandpa
Raymond Sardina was his name
His family was the world to him
The work he did wasn’t for fame

Raymond owned a construction company
He was known all over Tucson
Rain or shine he was always on the job
I was glad to be his grandson

My grandpa loved his wife Clara
Married for forty-three years to her
They had four beautiful children
Ray was happy they were together

Sandra was the oldest and my mother
Raymond Jr. went to the army
Nancy showed me how to lead
Michael is never mean to me

My grandpa was hospitalized
St. Mary’s on the third floor
Two months later moved to UMC
Our tears fell like a monsoon downpour

Raymond was told he had a dead heart
Heart transplant was a necessity
What can we do asked the family
There would be no heart found in this city

My grandpa was so special to me
He showed me how to be a man
Camping with him was the best time ever
To see him down made me feel damned

My grandpa knew his time was up
The fight he gave to live was great
Dr. Copeland helped us so much
We didn’t care about the rate

Raymond was born in 1942
He fought for three months to live
Raymond died September 2006
When he died I went and hid

Dedicated to my lovely grandma
Thank you, Grandma, for your love
The help you give me is priceless
I love you so much

Arizona Board of Regents