Corrido at the Poetry Center

Bilingual Corrido Contest For High School Students

This contest for high school students encourages historical and cultural awareness and provides students with a vehicle to express themselves. All Arizona high school students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to apply by writing corridos in Spanish and/or English. Three cash prizes (in the amounts of $300, $200, $100) are awarded for the best original corridos.

The corrido is a musical ballad form developed in Mexico in the 1800s and originally sung throughout the country. Although still popular in Mexico, over time it has become known as música de la frontera (border music) because of its popularity along both sides of the U.S.–Mexico border. For resources on teaching corrido in the classroom, visit our Teaching Corrido page. We must receive corridos on or before the deadline. 

2013-2014 Winners

Our judge, Matt Mendez, has selected three winners for our Corrido Contest. Congratulations to these talented students!

1st Place

Daniela Ibarra

“Margarita y Alfredo”

Amphitheater High School


2nd Place

Alejandra López

“El Día Que La Tierra Se Detuvo”

Rio Rico High School


3rd Place

Diana Vargas

“Mi Viejo”

Rio Rico High School


We hope that you will join us for this year’s Corrido Concert and Awards Ceremony on April 26th at 10am. Winning corridos will be performed by professional musicians, and all semifinalists will be honored. The ceremony will be held at the Poetry Center and is free and open to the public.

2013-2014 Semifinalists
Name High School  
Ally Alvarez Rio Rico High School  
Regina L Badinelli Rio Rico High School  
Einar N Balderrama Rio Rico High School  
Jonathan Beltran Rio Rico High School  
Francisco J Beltran Sunnyside High School  
Michael Bracy Catalina Magnet High School  
Adrian Carrillo Rio Rico High School  
Cesar A Carrizoza Rio Rico High School  
Daniela G Clark Rio Rico High School  
Valeria M Dabdoub Nogales High School  
Victor Davila Sunnyside High School  
Esmeralda de la Vega Douglas High School  
Erick Elias Douglas High School  
Maricruz Espinoza Rio Rico High School  
Carlos G Felix Douglas High School  
Mariajose Fragoso Rio Rico High School  
Jasmine R Garner Empire High School  
Ciera S Gonzales Sunnyside High School  
Jesus G Grajeda Rio Rico High School  
Esmeralda R Guerra Douglas High School  
Laura Guerra Rio Rico High School  
Alejandra Guzman Douglas High School  
Anais Hernandez Camelback High School  
Sirena Hussey Catalina Magnet High School  
Kassandra Juarez Rio Rico High School  
Jennifer Larez Douglas High School  
Yasmin G Leon Rio Rico High School  
Adrian Lopez Nogales High School  
David Madrigal Rio RIco High School  
Monica J Martinez Rio Rico High School  
Andrea Merino Nogales High School  
Veronica A Millan Partida South Mountain High School  
Jennifer A Molina Nogales High School  
Samantha I Monge Rio Rico High School  
Kevin Navarro Garcia Rio Rico High School  
Abel Obeso Rio Rico High School  
Abraham J Ozuna Nogales High School  
Genevieve M Patterson Empire High School  
Nayleth G Ramirez San Miguel High School  
Brianda P Romero Douglas High School  
Francisco J Romo Douglas High School  
Alexa N Ronquillo Nogales High School  
Sarina Rosthenhausler Catalina Magnet High School  
Gerardo O Salazar Sunnyside High School  
Norma Salinas Catalina Magnet High School  
Kaycee Steger Benson High School  
Jacqueline Valenzuela Rio Rico High School  
Janehicy Vazquez San Miguel High School  
Peter Williams Benson High School  
Annissa Yocupicio Rio Rico High School  
Lizzette Zazueta Rio Rico High School  

For more information contact Renee Angle at, or (520) 626-9625.

Frequently asked questions about the Corrido Contest:

Q: What is a corrido? I need some helpful tips to write one.

A: Click here to find out!


Q: How do I submit my corrido online?

A: See attached “How-To” (attached to bottom of webpage)


Q: Where do I go to submit my Corrido online?

A: Click here to submit your corrido.


Q: What are the Corrido guidelines for submitting online? How do I do it?

A: Below are the Corrido guidelines, for submitting online:

  • Submit a typed corrido (in English and/or Spanish) no longer than three pages.
  • Your corrido should be included in one document.
  • We only accept DOC, DOCX, PDF, and RTF files.
  • Name should not appear on work.


Q: I want to send my corrido via snail mail. Where do I go? How do I do it?

A: To enter via snail mail, send the following:

·         A completed application form.

·         Two, typed copies of your original corridor, no longer than three pages. (Do not include your name, address, or any other identifying information on the corrido itself.)

·         Corridos can be written in either Spanish and/or English.

Arizona Board of Regents