Poetry Center Classes & Workshops: Recent Offerings

This is a comprehensive list of classes and workshops previously offered at the Poetry Center. You can find complete information about our current offerings here.

Fall 2015
The Telling Itself: Illness Narratives as Healing and Craft with Katherine E. Standefer
The Art of the Chapbook with Joni Wallace
Moving with the Body of the Text: A Translation Workshop with Rebecca Seiferle
Climate Change & Poetry with Eric Magrane
Intertextual Poetics: Writing into and through Texts with Kristi Maxwell

Summer 2015
Parent/Child Writing Summit with Mason Gates
Clarity Demystified: A Poetry Workshop with Christopher Nelson
Cut to the Chase: Creating Plot in Fiction with Ted McLoof
Dislocating the Prose Poem: A Generative Workshop and Survey with Jamison Crabtree
Shaping Text with Letterpress with Amanda Beekhuizen
The Art of Research: Collaging the Personal Essay with Aisha Sabatini Sloan
The Fact of Fiction: Turning Life into Story with Ted McLoof

Spring 2015
The Poem Sequence with Rebecca Seiferle
Animals in Poems: Reading and Writing Poems of Creatures Real and Imagined with Simmons Buntin
Aligning Structure in Ecopoetics with Sherwin Bitsui
Where I'm From: Mapping the Geography and Topography of Our Homelands with Lisa O'Neill
Reclaiming Women's Writing with Annie Finch
Rhythms of the Spirit with Annie Finch

Fall 2014
The Parent-Child Summit with Mason Gates
Oracular Writing: Foraging with Annie Guthrie
Poetry and the Photograph: Ekphrasis and Beyond with Samuel Ace
Finding the Fragment in the Complete Thought with Thomas Sayers Ellis

Summer 2014
Conventions of Short Fiction with Ted McLoof
Imitation: From Faux to Freedom with Christopher Nelson
Choosing a Voice: Making Letterpress Posters with Amanda Beekhuizen
In the Silence a Collective, Maximally: Erasure and its Ghosts with Farid Matuk
Short Poems with Zachary Schomburg

Spring 2014
Line by Line: A Close Reading Workshop with Sarah Kortemeier
The New York School of Poets with Will Cordeiro
The Autobiographical Eye with Beth Alvarado
Bloodstone Quarries of the Spleen with CAConrad
The Interior Journey: Reading and Writing as Spiritual Practice with Fenton Johnson

Fall 2013
Craft of Poetry with Sarah Kortemeier
Ekphrastic Poetry with Joni Wallace
Robert Duncan: Circles of Influence with Charles Alexander
The Craft of Fiction with Karen Brennan
Hybrid Writing: Crossing Prose with Poetry with Brian Blanchfield

Summer 2013
Surrealist Writing with Matthew Rotando
Poetry in Letterpress Print with Alice Vinson
Writing Your Gods and Demons with Christopher Nelson

Spring 2013
Oracular Writing: Mapping with Annie Guthrie
Poetic Prose and the Prose Poem with Barbara Henning
A Weekend of One’s Own with Pamela Uschuk
Poetics of the Body and Disability with Lisa C. Cole
Poetry in Bloom with Simmons Buntin
Writing at Degree Zero with Norman Fischer
Listening to Sound Poetry with John Melillo        

Fall 2012
Correspondences with Brandon Shimoda
Constraint-Based Writing with Kristi Maxwell                                               
Master's Level Poetry Workshop with Barbara Cully                              
Poemfilms and the Moving Image with Annie Guthrie and Jonathan Van Ballenberghe    
Happy Accidents: Improvisation for Writers with Sarah Kortemeier
Mixed Media Artist’s Books: Working with Text with Beata Wehr               
Postmodernism as Poetic with Michael Rerick                  

Summer 2012
Writing True Fiction: The Continuing Influence of Myths and Archetypes with Elizabeth Rollins
Methods of Revision with Christopher Nelson
Poetry in Letterpress Print with Alice Vinson

Spring 2012
Lunch Poems with Drew Krewer
The Poetics of Writing and Healing with Geraldine Connolly and Rita Magdaleno
Poetry of the 21st Century with Joel Arthur
Possibilities of Short Plays with Laura C.J. Owen
The Interior Journey: Reading and Writing as Spiritual Practice with Fenton Johnson
Oracular Writing with Annie Guthrie

Fall 2011
Introduction to Poetry Writing with Sarah Kortemeier
Poems by [Your Name Here] with Bonnie Jean Michalski
Poetic Forms with Kristi Maxwell
Text/Image Tinies: Creating Palm-Sized Collaborations with Kristen Nelson and Noah Saterstrom
The Eternal Ephemeral: An Exploration in Modern Haiku with Joni Wallace
Poetry of Witness with Pamela Uschuk                    

Summer 2011
What Happens Next? (Studies in Plot) with Elizabeth Rollins
Surrealist Writing with Matthew Rotando

Spring 2011
End of the Line: A Seminar on Poetic Closure with David Wojahn
Staging Fiction from Inside and Outside Character with Ann Cummins
Flash Fiction: Writing the Short-Short Story with Barbara Henning
Voices of Contemporary Women Poets with Joel Arthur
Composing Poems Through Generative Engines with Kristi Maxwell
Birds and Poems with Simmons Buntin and Eric Magrane

Fall 2010
Curious Beginnings: Introduction to Fiction Writing with Elizabeth Rollins
Nature Writing with Ken Lamberton
Chimera: An Exploration of Hybrid Writing with Arianne Zwartjes
Poetry Goes for a Hike with Wendy Burk and Eric Magrane
Ancient Images and Threads: A Poetry Seminar with Joshua Marie Wilkinson
A Day of One's Own with Pamela Uschuk

Spring 2010
Oracular Writing: Studio Hour with Annie Guthrie
Encountering Your Genius: A Poetry Writing Workshop with Geraldine Connolly
Zoom Zaum Zapf: An Experimental Poetry Workshop with Charles Alexander
Hybrid Poetics: Experiments of Attention with Anne Waldman
How to Get Published with Ander Monson
The Lyric Essay: At Narrative's Edge with Arianne Zwartjes

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