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What's in your pocket?

In honor of National Poetry Month, we here at Wordplay want to share with you some of our favorite poems, written by youth and their parents at the Tucson Festival of Books this past March. During the festival, the writers were given a variety of writing prompts. Check out these excerpts from the giant group poem written at the Festival of Books, about what the writers found in their pockets and purses.

Contents of My Pocket or Purse

My pocket has a set of keys in it that can unlock any door
Inside my pocket there is a goofy smile
Inside my pocket is my phone that my Mom gave me to call her if I get lost
Inside my pocket is a camera to take lots of pictures

Inside my pocket is a bean bag from Microsoft
A tattoo of a scorpion that is black and brown
And last of all is a orange lolly pop that says tiger pop
And a wind up bug that is green, blue, red, and grey.

The contents of my pocket show the true image behind my face
The lint tells a story my mouth never will
The change of past experience now scatters the floor
New adventures await my open pockets
to be filled with time and memories from moments long forgotten
Pockets change in size
My hands will always fit inside
to be emptied and start anew

Inside my pocket contains the dreams of a lost loved one
The ideas of a visualist, ideas of a major
it contains the fist of hostility
and sweat stains of my palms
it contains the lint of my expression
stuck in between my nails of creativity
inside my pocket contains my pain and future

Inside my pocket is my wallet
This is very fun and is my first time
on an electric typewriter
My mom is constantly looking over my shoulder...
A lemon head is in my pocket
It is sour and sweet
It is very yummy and good tasting

Inside my purse is a key for my car
Of course my phone
My laptop with lots of stories
My very expensive camera, my cannon camera
My typewriter
My wallet with lots of and lots of money
Inside my pocket there are the discarded candy wrappers
my sister gave to me
Inside my pocket their is candy that my mother
will get mad at me for eating

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013
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