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Home is Wherever I'm With You

Lately, I've been loving on Voca's search bar. If you haven't used it yet, do so now! When you type a word in, the Voca site searches for it in titles, names, and keywords -- basically anywhere you might find your chosen word. The word I chose was "home." I chose this word not really knowing what to expect because the word has such a broad meaning and a large span of images. But I was delighted by the new ways Voca and its poets encouraged me to think about “home," simply from the collection it pulled up under results.

A quick summary of what I found Voca to assign with "home": you can be home in your name, in a language, in body; you can find home in a writing form, in a dream house, in geography and the natural; home is food and sometimes the stars, often a title or just a word you’re trying to understand through a phone call to Mom.


Homero Aridjis

"Autoretrato a los seis años / Self-Portrait at Six Years of Age"



Marvin Bell

“Her Dream House”



Michael Cuddihy

“My House”




Tess Gallagher

"Coming Home"



Carolyn Kizer

"Running Away From Home"



Genine Lentine




Robert Pack

“A Spin Around the House”

“The Hearth”



Ofelia Zepeda

"Just Like Home"




Jeannie Wood is a junior at the University of Arizona studying poetry, astronomy, and Latin. She’s from Northern Arizona and spends her time writing for Wordplay, playing rough with UA’s Derby Cats, and biking. She enjoys disappearing into different areas of the state, and parts of California, on weekends.


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013
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