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Family Days writing



This past Saturday, we celebrated our last Family Days of the Spring 2013 season at the Poetry Center! Check out some of the awesome writing, generated by students during our Poetry Joey's writing workshops this past weekend. And be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, September 28th, the first Family Days of the Fall 2013 season!

Quiet as a flea

Quiet as a flea, quiet quiet as a bug on a tiny rug
A wall on a ball on a rolly-polly tolly
In California, I do warn you about the California scene
It will haunt you in your dreams forever and ever
Sneek the wall of windows or the wall of widows
Dad or mom of windows or dad or mom of widows
P.S. Was it 8 or 9 windows?
Window wall window wall through all your beautiful windows
Every day what do you see?
Through all your windows do you spy lots of cars on the rough road?
Tiny tiny little bug on your little little rug


This is My Dream

I have a dream that people were nice for every choice or reason. I wish that every day for my whole entire life forever and ever. Do you find things strange? For these things are new or old every once and awhile. We use these things a lot or a little. When I think every day how life is, I wonder if it is good or bad? For life is different, not the same. When I am awake, I hear the birds chirp and see them fly. When I am asleep, I love the quiet sound that falls throughout the world. If you have seen me, I am happy. My life is happy all the time.

For I love the smell of flowers that bloom in the Spring. When the taste of chocolate is there, I have a smile on my face all the time. For when I am angry, the chocolate sinks away and dark clouds fill the sky with anger. Who wants the anger? I do not, I know that. If that were my dream, I would like to be happy.



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Tuesday, April 30, 2013
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