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Family Days writing

Our next Family Days is just around the corner on Saturday, January 26th from 10:00-1:00 p.m. Family Days is a Saturday open-house for youth of all ages and their families featuring Poetry Joey’s workshops for infants through ten year olds. Once a month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the stacks of the center will be open to youth writing, games, storytelling, creative movement activities, and other poem happenings designed to inspire youth and their families to explore the world around them with language. For more information on Family Days, please check out our website.

Below are some poems written by youth at last Fall's Family Days. Check out how the students write fresh poems, based off of the first lines from famous and familiar poems. Enjoy!

Once upon a midnight dreary

Once upon a midnight dreary
I was in the snow and you
were right beside me.
We were having a lot of fun.
It was a midnight dreary.


Tyger, Tyger burning bright

“Tyger! Tyger!” Burning bright sun observes a tiger
crashing through the jungle after a small
creature. A talking parrot screeches,
“Hello, hello, bye-bye!” The tiger roars. The parrot
again screams, “Tyger! Tyger!” As the tiger
disappears into the trees and brush.


The owl and the pussycat

The owl and the pussycat went to the sea
The pussycat chased the owl out the boat
The owl forgot to flap his wings and fell
into the water and the pussycat was laughing
and she fell into the water, too.



Photo by Cybele Knowles

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013
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