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From the Family Days Video Booth

This past Saturday, the Poetry Center opened its doors to a hoard of young time travelers taking poetry into their own hands at our first Family Days event of the fall themed "Prehistoric."

Our visitors spent their afternoons tapping poetry on vintage typewriters, molding ancient fossil impressions, making early paper out of iron age materials, jamming at a stone age dance party, and adding their voices to live song and storytelling group. They re-energized with snacks and dove right back in to our dress-up boxes, our bucket of leaves and petals, and our stacks of poetry.

We caught a few of these rare adventurers on camera as they passed through a curtain of vines and entered our video booth staffed by UA Honors students enrolled in a service learning course in partnership with the Poetry Center. Take a peek at one of the videos from our past Family Days! We'll be sure to post more of these videos, as we gear up for our next Family Days on Saturday, October 26th!



Looking to time travel at the Poetry Center? Join us at the next Family Days for "Ancient Civilizations" coming up on October 26th!!  

Arizona Board of Regents