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Family Days Poetry: Snow, Snow Wonderful Snow

With winter upon us, what better way to celebrate the chilly weather than with some snow poems? Check out these wonderful poems about snow, written by students at past Family Days events at the Poetry Center. Snuggle up, get some hot cocoa, and enjoy!

Snow, Snow Wonderful Snow

Snow, snow wonderful
snow. Listen to the silence,
of the wonderful snow
falling over the town,
over the icy pond, on the
mountains over the valley.
Between midnight and
daylight. Little tiny icy gems
Glitter falling from the sky.

-- Molly







Soon, Soon the Snow Will Come

Soon, soon the snow will come.
Snow sounds like the silent Earth Dying.
Snow sounds like young voices.
Snow sounds like cars stopping.
Snow sounds like rustling leaves.
Snow sounds like my thoughts.
Snow sounds like midnight.

-- Willa

Snow Falling

Snow is falling on my window
Snow is falling on my bedroom
Snow is falling in between two buildings
I fall to sleep snow is falling

-- Myles

Snow, Snow

snow, snow what does it sound like
it can sound like many things
it can sound breezy
it breezes to places around
the world little big
even tiny white dots fly through the
sky like a million soft gentle jets

-- Cecelia


Photo by Cybele Knowles

Created on: 
Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Arizona Board of Regents