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Contents of My Pocket or Purse

Last March, the Poetry Center took their trusty typewriters out to the Tucson Festival of Books. At our booth, we set-up a gaggle of typewriters, and asked the Tucson community to type away! One of the writing prompts we asked was this: "Describe the contents of your pockets or purse." Below are some of the responses. Enjoy!


Contents of my pocket

 The contents of my pockets show the true image behind my face

   the lint tells a story my mouth never will

the change of past experiences now scatter the floor

pockets now empty

new adventures await my open pockets

   to be filled with time and memories from moments long forgotten

pockets change in size

my hands will always fit inside

   to be emptied and start anew

                                                                When I retired for the day I empty my heavy


There are pieces of lint, pieces of the world that I traversed all day long

                My life starts anew with each empty pocket


inside my pocket there is a home for my tiny hand.

inside of my pocket there is really nothing but air hahaha :)

inside my pocket is my whole world


inside my bag is a water bottle so i do not die of thirst, some candy so I will not be

hungry just saying I am hungry all the damn time, and a flashlight that i won from some Geico thing

that is here at the FOB and that is all that is really in my cute VS bag that’s all yayyyyyyy


inside my pocket is nothing because I don’t have a pocket LOL

inside my pocket is twenty-five dollars

inside my pocket is air :)


                Inside my pocket lurks a very scary mister.

                                he has green skin and black eyes.


inside my pocket there is nothing really right now


                inside my pocket contains the dreams of a lost loved one

ideas of a visualist, ideas of a major

                it contains the fist of hostility

                and sweat stains of my palms

it contains the lint of my expression

stuck in between my nails of creativity

inside my pocket contains my pain and future




My pocket has a set of keys in it that can unlock any door


            Inside my pocket there is a goofy smile

            Inside my pocket is my phone that my mom gave me to call her if I get lost

            Inside my pocket is a camera to take lots of pictures with


            I love writing using a typewriter!!!!!!

            In my purse are lots of papers about the festival of books.

            Ari, write something!



Contents of My Pocket or purse

Pocket so deep,

So full of promise,

Receipts of dinners shared

A new mark of excellence:

A lofty mark of books…

A key to home and mobility

Awaits my grateful turn,

After a cool day

An author,

A cooking demo,

Vintage Tucson,

Viva Tucson!


Inside  my pocket

the secret to unhappiness



in my pocket

In my pocket

at the book fair

I have two finger puppets

one is a green grasshopper

the other one is a lady bug

and also a pamphlet for Kartchner Caverns

and I will go see the bats fly in



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Tuesday, July 9, 2013
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