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The City of Shellopolis

With Family Days right around the corner this Saturday, March 16th from 10-1 p.m., what better way to pre-party than with some Family Days writing? Check out these stories about imagined cities by Family Days students!

The City of Shellopolis

There was a city named Shellopolis. There were two different kinds of creatures: the bloobees and the airbees.

The bloobees looked like smashed potatoes. The bloobees are blue, and they smell like trash. Yuck! They lived underwater and spoke two languages. The languages were google and bla-bla.

Airbees flew across the sky using their eyes. The eyes were long and pointy. They rapidly spun like a pinwheel. The airbees are red. They looked like a roll of toilet paper.




The Separated City

Chorus: There once was a city named Shellopolis, where the shellopolen bloobees and airebees lived.

Chorus: The problem was that everything was so separated. The airbees lived on one side, and the bloobees lived on the other side. The bloobees only breathed underwater, and the airbees only breathed on land.

Chorus: So it happened that a young bloobee named Martain Luther Shell, Jr. couldn't stand the law of nature, shell separation.

Chorus: So he grew up to change Shellopolis with only a few words and new inventions, like the air tank and the water helmet. But it was the speech that changed Shellopolis.

Martain Luther Shell, Jr:

I have a dream,
that a girl and a boy bloobee
will join hands with boy and girl airbee
I have a dream



The City of Chocotown

Chorus: There once was a city, a dark city, the sweetest of cities, so sweet it always kept growing to take in all of its strangers. The city was called...Chocotown. The candies of chocotown were divided into three groups: the dark chocolates, the milk chocolates, and the white chocolates. The dark chocolates were always cranky and mad. The milk chocolates were kind and sweet, and the white chocolates were dramatic performers.

Chorus: But among all of these chololots, as the people were called, there was one, pure spun sugar, as glittering and white as the chocos were dark. The little sugar was unbelievably sweet, and wherever he went, he left a trail of sweetness behind him. This angered the chocolates. The dark chocolates didn't like their crankiness interrupted by sweetness, the white chocolates got mad because the little sugar seemed to be the center of attention. Even the sweet, kind, milk chocolates got angry, because they felt that the sugar was being too sweet, making them feel mean.

Chorus: This made little Sugar feel incredibly sad and alone. But there was always the animals in town to cheer him up.

--Talia and Miriam


Photo by Cybele Knowles

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Thursday, March 14, 2013
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