Walt Whitman Circle to Support Poetry Center Programs

The University of Arizona Poetry Center is a nationally renowned literary arts center and a wellspring of creative activity. Poetry Center programs are almost entirely supported by individual contributions and grants. Annual contributions to the Walt Whitman Circle will provide a predictable base of support, which is more important than ever at this time. Gifts to the Circle will ensure the Poetry Center is able to sustain programs that nourish a love of language and foster an ability to see the world with fresh eyes. These traits, the building blocks to creativity, are also our means to a highly engaged, informed society. This is the aim of the Poetry Center now and for generations to come.

Walt Whitman Circle

Sustainer Circle — $250
• Gatherings quarterly publication
• Invitation to the annual Walt Whitman Circle reception
• Exclusive invitations to special events
• Recognition in Poetry Center publications and on website
• Reserved seating at readings and lectures
$225 of your donation is tax-deductible.

Benefactor Circle — $500
Receives all benefits of Sustainer Circle + $25 gift certificate for merchandise at the Poetry Center’s gift store
[$450 of your donation is tax-deductible.]

Director’s Circle — $1,000
Receives all benefits of Benefactor Circle + dinner with a writer in the Reading Series and a signed letterpress broadside
[$900 of your donation is tax-deductible.]

Endowment Circle — $5,000
Annual gift to the Poetry Center Programs Endowment receives all benefits listed + acknowledgement on Programs Endowment Donor Wall
[$4,750 of your donation is tax-deductible.]

Sponsor Circle — $2,500
Receives all benefits of Director’s Circle + sponsorship acknowledgment of a specific program, such as the Reading and Lecture Series, Library Field Trip program, Corrido Contest, or Family Days at the Poetry Center + limited edition Water, a fine art folio of poems in Tohono O’odham, Navajo, Spanish, Zapotec and English
[$2,250 of your donation is tax-deductible.]

Lifetime gifts of $10,000 + are designated for the Poetry Center Programs Endowment
[$9,675 of your donation is tax-deductible.]

Become a charter member today.
All charter members receive a copy of the 150th anniversary edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass.

Poetry Center Programs

The University of Arizona Poetry Center is one of only three landmark buildings in the nation dedicated to the celebration of poetry. Current Poetry Center programs will directly benefit from the Walt Whitman Circle.

• Our free Reading and Lecture Series features critically acclaimed poets, fiction and non-fiction writers reading and discussing their work.

• Discussion Groups provide opportunities to learn and share ideas about works of poetry and fiction.

• Library Field Trips introduce school and community groups to the treasures in our world-renowned library collection and offer introductory lessons
on poetry.

• Family Days is a once-a-month Saturday program of reading and writing activities and performances for children of all ages, and their parents and grandparents.

• Our Bilingual Corrido Contest introduces Arizona high school students to a musical-poetic form indigenous to our U.S./Mexico border region.

• Matinee Performances give middle and high school students a chance to meet and learn from visiting writers.

Membership Support

There are two easy ways to contribute:

• Download the Walt Whitman Circle contribution form

• Or contribute online *

* Online contributions to the Walt Whitman Circle are 100% tax-deductible and benefits must be declined. If you wish to receive benefits, please contact Gail Browne prior to making a contribution. Continued enrollment in the Walt Whitman Circle requires an annual contribution.

For more information about membership in the
Walt Whitman Circle, please contact:

Gail Browne
Executive Director

University of Arizona Poetry Center

Donations and General Information:

The University of Arizona Poetry Center
1508 E. Helen Street
Tucson, AZ 85721-0150
520.626.3765 | FAX 520.621.5566

We are grateful to all of our current Walt Whitman Circle members:

Lifetime Membership
Colleen and Jim Burns
Lois and Richard Shelton
Peggy Shumaker and Joseph Usibelli


Sponsor Circle
Jimmye and Helen Hillman
Robert and Lisa Swift
Nancy Warfield


Director’s Circle
Kate Bernheimer and Brent Hendricks
Gail Browne and Frances Sjoberg
Winifred Bundy and Joe E. Smelt
Norma and Stanley Feldman
James and Louise Glasser
Randall Rodman Holdridge
William and Leslie Holmes
Melanie and Peter Maier
Maurynne Maxwell and Yvonne Morris
Tom Sanders and Chris Treptow
Helen and John Schaefer
Mildred Strassberg
Susan and Les Wallach
Carol Whiteman


Benefactor Circle
Archibald and Laura Brown
Thomas Cobb
Ann Dernier
Larry Evers and Barbara Grygutis
Paul and Dolores Gohdes
Edwin and Mary Hartman
John Hudak
Richard and Terri Johnson
Matthew Meyer
Donald Pitt Family Foundation
Michael Rattee
Stacey Richter
Joan Robles
Hale and Holly Thomas-Hilburn
Henry Tom and Lillian Bazan
Timothy and Kathryn Torrington
Bill and Brenda Viner
Nancy Wall
James and Judy Walsh
Mary Wildner-Bassett

Sustainer Circle
Susan Aiken and Chris Carroll
Barbara Allen
Kirk Astroth
Christine Baines
Denise Barnes, Mary Ellen Barnes and David Barnes
David Black
William and Susan Boyd
Dianne Bret Harte
Wendy Burk and Eric Magrane
Geraldine and Stephen Connolly
Corinne Cooper
Barbara Cully
Shawn and Kimberly Daly
Caroline and Terry Daniel
Dino and Elizabeth DeConcini
Alison Deming
Curtis and Elizabeth Dunshee
Dennis Evans
Elizabeth Evans and Stephen Reitz
Bill Finley
William Fry and Raymond Thompson
Judith Gausnell
John Gray and Nancy Silvas
Agnes Griffen
Jonathon and Christine Gross
Bruce Gungle
Marilyn Halonen
Jim Hannley
Jorgen and Cynthia Hansen
James Hensley
Amanda Hunt and Chris Chavez
John Iurino and Joni Wallace
Gayle and Frederick Jandrey
Bonnie Kuykendall
Julie and Eric Lauterbach-Colby
Tony and Susan Luebbermann
Linda Lou Lamb
Thomas and Kerstin Miller
Ann-Eve Pedersen and Peter Eckerstrom
Marjorie Perloff
Rodney Phillips
Pamela Portwood
Boyer Rickel
Barrie Ryan
Robin and David Shambach
Harriet Silverman
Lusia Slomkowska
Bradley Stroup
Sandra Szelag
Christine Szuter and Thomas Sheridan
Ted and Shirley Taubeneck
Merle Turchik
Tom and Barbara Waldron
Lisa Wise

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