El corrido del caballo con hambre y sed

Adriana Aguilar
Place Winner: 
1st Place

It was the summer of 1942
And I was walking by the cantina
I had many chores that I had to do
As my Tío chugged on his bebida

His horse, tied three days on the end of a post
And thirsty he was for some water
You see he had no host for the horse on the post
As the day became hotter and hotter

My Tío was on his third day drinking
And the horse had no food en la panza
While the horse’s tripas were growling and stinking
The horse would dare eat even salsa

Tío sees me and asks me to tend
To his steed who needs to be dined
Dare I say No! and I will offend
My Tío his horse he assigns

I am barefoot not heavy I am
In pecheras I’m dressed for the job
‘Cause he tells me to mount and scram
The horse’s head begins to bob

As the reins are loosened oh so freely
I grab hold of the mane real tight
As the reins are loosened oh so freely
He bolts off and runs wild into flight

This horse knows the way to his ranches
And stopping will not be an option
He gallops not slowing for branches
Must I think to sell him at auction?

Corría y corría el caballo con hambre
Siete leguas a llegar por el rancho
Corría y corría buscando estambre
Siete leguas dejamos al campo

I finally get to El Rancho, our destination
Corría el caballo con hambre y sed
As I water and feed, we are full of elation
Corría el caballo con hambre y con sed.

Arizona Board of Regents